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H2 Tek™ exclusively sells HydraGEN™
Nothing else. Nothing less.

When you want to reduce your carbon emissions and save fuel, HydraGEN™ is your answer. We are your experts to buy, install and service your dynaCERT technology. We eat, sleep and live HydraGEN™ solutions—nothing else and nothing less.

Yes, you can help save the environment with significant carbon emission reductions, and, you can pay for it with savings in fuel, DEF and maintenance costs; usually, in less than a year.

We are there to make that happen. Just give us a call.

We serve mining, diesel power generation, on-road and off-the-road applications. With partners around the world, we can meet your needs wherever you operate (pretty much).

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    501 Alliance Ave., 2nd Floor,
    Toronto, on, canada, M6N 2J1

    TOLL FREE +1 833 444 2835 (833 44H 2TEK)

    501 Alliance Ave, Toronto
    Canada | USA | Mexico | Brazil | Peru | Chile | Argentina | Columbia | Russia | Australia

    HydraGEN™ reduz as emissões. Economiza dinheiro.

    Reduza suas emissões de carbono em quase metade e economize até 19% em combustível.
    A cereja do bolo? Economize em DEF, óleo e manutenção.

    Para nossos filhos, podemos ajudar a salvar o meio ambiente também.